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Considering the difficulty and sensitivity around this topic, VRL wants to be able to offer as many helpful resources as possible. Although, we recommend the below resources, given the magnitude of the material, it is possible that they may contain statements that are not fully aligned with the values of Valley Real Life. We have reviewed the recommendations below to the best of our ability and pray they will be helpful to you on your journey with Christ.

If you have any questions or prayer requests, please reach out to hello@vrl.church.

Recommended Reading

Messy Grace

Recommended Podcast

Ask NT Wright Anything: #162 Questions on sexuality and LGBT

In this replay podcast from 2019 Tom answered listener questions on how to have better conversations on sexuality in the church, co-habitation, whether the New Testament understanding of homosexuality was different to today and his thoughts on Transgender following a letter he wrote to The Times newspaper. First broadcast in 2019.

Additional Resources

For articles and more resources on God + Sexuality check out these links Focus on the Family:

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